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Nothing motivates a team more than a shared vision

Updated: Feb 14

As a property management coach and consultant who observes the progress of the industry over time - I've come to realise the truth behind the words of this inspiring quote by Jack Welch:

"Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own and demonstrate the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion."

Businesses that thrive and excel are usually the ones that have a clear vision from it's leader/s, one that is shared with the entire team.

There is a transformative power of having a vision and I have seen how it can propel your property management business to new heights of success, but also how it can really stall a business where there is no clear vision or direction.

When I look at the most successful property management businesses I've worked with, one common thread stands out: they all had a compelling vision that served as their North Star.

A vision is not just a lofty idea; it is a powerful force that drives every decision, action, and strategy within the organisation.

It provides a sense of purpose and direction, giving your team a clear understanding of where you're headed and why.

Having a vision is not enough though; it must be effectively communicated to your team.

When you share your vision with enthusiasm and conviction, it becomes infectious. Your team members align themselves with the vision, embracing it as their own - and even meaning less management is needed as they gravitate towards that vision.

They become motivated, driven, and fully committed to the shared goal. It becomes an attractive reason to stay and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

As a leader with a vision you must also embody it. Your actions and behaviours should align with the vision you've set forth.

When your team sees you living and breathing the vision, it creates a powerful sense of trust and authenticity.

It inspires them to follow your lead and gives them the confidence to push their boundaries.

So, where does your business sit with having a clear vision that is shared with the team and lived day to day?

If you need help with defining and sharing that vision, reach out and let's chat!


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