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I hate cold calling...

Updated: Feb 9

Ok, it's confession time... I hate cold calling.

You may be surprised but yep, it gives me the biggest ick and when I was a property manager I was very skilled at avoiding doing it.

Whilst I CAN do it, and when I did do it I was fairly successful (thanks to having great dialogue and tools) it still just always felt HARD.

So, I did what any self-crowned systems queen would do, and I found a way to systemise my lead generation so that it felt EASY.

I took my existing processes, conversations and relationships and created systems to leverage each and every one to help me identify help me identify:

🤓 Landlords who had more properties that I didn't manage

🤓 Landlords who WANTED to buy more properties

🤓 Tenants with investment properties

🤓 Tenants who wanted to purchase an investment

🤓 Tenants who knew people with investments

🤓 Contractors, Referrers, Friends and Family who had and knew people with investment properties

🤓 Properties back from lost clients

🤓 More leads from the sales team...

And I worked out ways to identify these leads that DID NOT take me hours each day prospecting, cold calling and feeling rejected.

I created templates and dialogue that felt easy, aligned and streamlined to the work I was already doing, the systems I was already using and was able to create a consistent pipeline of leads each month without spending hours each day on growth. And I now share these systems, dialogues and templates with my coaching clients to help them with the same results.

So if you don't want to have to cold call, and you don't have the time to spend doing it but you still want to grow your rent roll....

I'd like to invite you to this super low-cost workshop where I'll share:

⚡️ Where to find more potential landlord leads within your existing network

⚡️ How to find the time to identify new leads without hours of cold calling

⚡️ How to setup your systems and templates to help build your pipeline

⚡️ How to gain more easy clients and feel confident again

⚡️ Exactly what dialogue to use to get results

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