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Focus on what you can give vs What you can get

The best advice I ever got was to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN GIVE, NOT ON WHAT YOU CAN GET.

When it comes to winning over new clients and growing your business, there is a power in giving.

Instead of solely focusing on what you can gain or get, shift your perspective to what you have to offer can transform your results in remarkable ways.

By focusing on what you can give to your clients and your business, you demonstrate a genuine genuine desire to provide value and support as well as positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and partner.

Consider how your prospecting and results might shift if you focus on being of service and considering what you can offer them.

You could consider offering a free health check on their property, or offering to send them some valuable market information or reports first (versus just trying to get them to take the next step and book an appraisal with you).

It’s like offering to buy them a drink first instead of asking them to marry you straight up.

It’s a pathway to getting what you want, but by implementing the law of reciprocity.

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