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Embrace Your Crap

Updated: Feb 13

An old boss once said to me I needed to learn to embrace my crap. As a young 20 something I know I heard him on one level, but over the years I’ve really learned the meaning of this advice on a deeper level.

See at the time it was a part of my job role that I wasn’t fulfilling, and during a deeper discovery on that issue we worked out that I just didn’t like it and it was mainly because I wasn’t very good at it.

However not fulfilling this part of my job meant I wasn’t going to be able to move forward into a more senior position.

So, luckily I heard what he was saying, pickup up my socks, embraced my crap and got on with the task. The boring task I wasn’t very good at became one of my strengths and I realised it was actually a very important part of the job role and the service I was providing to the client, if not the most important.

Over the course of my years since then (I won’t tell you how many) there have been many things I don’t like to do, don’t want to do, or don’t feel good at… and when I am able to catch myself and ask myself why, there is generally a lesson in doing that task that I also need to go through, learning a new skill, or getting help with a task. It’s all part of the growth journey.

Sometimes the lesson is just getting on doing the thing myself to overcome the barrier and procrastination and realise it was never that hard to begin with. Sometimes it’s learning from it, by researching, studying or acquiring a new skill. Sometimes the answer is actually outsourcing that thing to someone who is better equipped to take that on (because of a time barrier or skill set).

There is always something to learn in that thing you are avoiding. Because if we don’t learn, we’ll stay stuck - either stuck in that role, that stage in our business, that place in our lives. So, to become unstuck this week take a moment to think, what is it that have you been avoiding doing? What is that you dislike or don’t perform well at. Where do you feel stuck or lost? There is always a solution.

If you need help working out that solution. I’m here to help, just send me a message.

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