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Climbing YOUR Mountain

Updated: Feb 23

Let's talk about climbing your mountain, ie, reaching your goals!

I like to look at change like climbing a big, beautiful mountain.

You make the decision to start, and you set off. You’re covering some good distance, making your way up. But… you can’t just continuously climb to higher and higher elevations; you have to periodically set up camp to allow yourself to rest and recharge.

And when you’re climbing a really big mountain, it becomes necessary to climb up a ways and then descend a little bit down to your last camp in order to get acclimatised to your new heights before starting to climb again.

This could easily be misconstrued as regression considering that the goal is to go up, but your time spent at camp is a crucial part of the process. You haven’t “fallen off the wagon” or “gotten off track”; you’re just chillin’ at camp, either resting, or acclimatising. No biggie.

Progress doesn’t only come from climbing the mountain; progress is not linear. Progress requires a combination of ascending, some descending, acclimating, learning, appropriate rest, and then climbing some more.

So long as there is a general upward trajectory, you are making progress.

Big changes require time for adaptation. This is true for new habits, skills, and behaviours when it comes to growing your business or personal development.

So when (not if, but when) you find yourself at a camp, I want to encourage you to sit back, relax, and take in the view. Find peace in the fact that your time there is an integral part of the process, and you’ll be on the move again in no time to your next camp, which will be even higher.

And the next camp, even higher… and higher still...

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