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Running a successful property management business

Updated: Feb 9

This is a pic of me in Joshua Tree National Park in the United States... well obvs.

Joshua Tree is a part of the Mojave Desert ecosystem and the Joshua tree forests tell us a story of survival and resilience through tough conditions.

And what does this have to do with property management Hermione?

When I learnt about it all, it got me thinking of how that relates to the parallels between these resilient desert trees and running a successful property management business.

Much like the Joshua trees, the parts of a successful business are not built in isolation but within a web of systems, connections and influences - often that rely on each other for success of each part (and often that are hidden underneath the surface to the outside world.)

Just like Joshua trees anchor themselves deep in the ground, successful PM businesses are grounded in a clear purpose, with strong foundations.

Great PM businesses have great foundational processes, systems and culture to hold the business steady despite the weather that may come.

The Joshua Tree can survive through harsh conditions, so just as property management can be a harsh environment -successful businesses (and the people that work in them) embrace adaptability and resilience to make it through, they work to make themselves and the business stronger each day.

The Joshua tree takes time to grow to its biggest and best version. Similarly, successful PM business recognise the long game and practice patience.

We can often rush to expect it to look a certain way before the time it takes to actually build it to that - because of what we see on the surface looking at another business.

What I'm saying is that we often look the success of a business from what we see on the surface...

But in fact every aspect of business is intertwined, like a complex desert ecosystem, and often the success or failure of one part impacts the others.

Often, the apparent problem you think is the issue is not the actual problem (as I often find when I am called into a business)

So remember that your business is an ecosystem too - and it's important to not only recognise all the parts that contribute to it's success but also to be patient and build strong foundations for both the business and humans in it - that will power it's success for years to come.

And if you need help to build strong foundations and grow your PM business. I'll be here.... or somewhere out there... ;)

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