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Are you avoiding change?

Updated: Feb 15

I was chatting to my 6 year old recently about some of the big life changes that have taken place this last year...

We were talking about how that sometimes change is hard, but that it will all be okay and we'll adjust...

What came out of her mouth next was pretty profound and reminded me of the power and resilience we all have (especially kids)

She said "Mummy, is it kind of like when you jump in a really cold pool? Like, at first you don't want to get in, because it's super freezing and you're uncomfortable. But once you jump in and you've been in there for a little while, you adjust and it feels kinda good?"

I was a bit speechless for a moment and said "well yes, that's pretty much exactly what it's like!"

The idea of change for many of us can feel hard, uncomfortable, confronting and scary. Even if we know the change is necessary.

It can evoke emotions of fear, insecurity and uncertainty.

What if I fail, what if it doesn't work, what if it's hard...

And there's nothing wrong with us for feeling that way, most of us are hesitant to embrace change because as humans we are biologically hard wired to stay in a state of safety.

But as I'm sure we've all heard before, it's important to remember that yes change is hard (it's meant to be), but as we do the hard things, and move through them, it builds resilience, strength and many lessons. It evolves us, and helps us grow.

I doubt any of us have made it this far in life without surviving some form of change in our lives and if we reflect on most of those times, whilst there is usually initial discomfort, we then adjust, adapt and grow into that new space, environment or version of ourselves.

AND then we get better each time at approaching and handling change, allowing us to make faster decisions and pivot through challenge faster.

BUT I know we all get stuck from time to time so, if there is a change in your business or life you’ve been putting off making, a challenge you’ve been avoiding, a goal you’ve been putting off, a decision you know you need to make, remember what little H said about jumping in the pool.

And think about what you CAN do to take the plunge and make the first step or action towards that change.

Maybe it's just a small first step like writing down a plan, researching your options or reaching out to someone for help.

It just starts with one step (or jump)...

You’ll know if this message is for you right now.

And if not, keep it in your back pocket for the future.

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