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5 Simple Open Home Presentation Tips

Updated: Feb 12

First Impressions Last! The way the property is presented can make a huge difference on whether that first impression is a good or not so good one.

Aside from the obvious of cleaning and tidying the home to get ready for the open for inspection or private appointment, here are a few additional tips from the professionals to better your chances for success

- Reduce the number of personal photos and unique taste possessions - you want the tenant or buyer to be able to see themselves living there, sometimes these items can limit the person inspecting's imagination.

- Take a pretend walk-through. Go to the entrance of the property and put on your prospective buyer or prospective tenants hat. Walk through and see what you will see when you first walk in, this may give you some ideas of what to move/rearrange/add.

- At the time of the inspection, be sure to Turn on Lights and Open Windows - Light and Airy is on a lot of tenants and buyer wish lists, make it easy for them to see. If its an evening viewing, lamps and slightly dimmed lighting can be better to reflect a relaxed homely feel.

- Engage an Expert - If you are feeling a little lost with how to improve things, engage a home staging or styling expert if this is within your budget. If not, think of a friend or family member who can walk through to give you some honest advice

- It doesn't have to look like it is from a magazine... Go easy on yourself, whilst this photo may look like quite a dreamy place to live, quite often people want to see a real liveable space. Especially with families, its okay to have signs of real life - toys, high chairs, books etc.

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