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Why I'm not setting resolutions this year

Updated: Feb 13

At the start of the year it is common for us to set new year resolutions. Of course it's a great time to take stock of our lives and consider what we would like to change, or ways we would like to grow. But it's important to ensure that the strategies we are using to implement change are effective.

When we make resolutions we are often looking at what is wrong in our lives and taking action to fix that problem. We resolve to lose weight so we go on a diet and start hitting the gym. We place strong pressure on ourselves and we feel guilt and shame if we fall off the wagon. I know for me and many others it feels like a resolution is all or nothing.

Intentions however, have a much more compassionate energy, because they don't tie us to a specific outcome. They simply ask that we bring mindfulness to our actions and make efforts towards change. With intentions our focus is not on what we need to fix, but rather what we want to create.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new

- The Character Socrates in Way of the Peaceful Warrior

So this year I am choosing not to set resolutions as I have done in the past, and instead, set clear intentions on the habits I want to build and the life I want to create. Because that's the other secret power of setting intentions - it's powerful in helping you to create the life you want to live.

Some of my intentions for 2022 include slowing down, working less, feeling more energetic, more present and connected. Then I have some habits and behaviors associated with achieving these.

If you're interested in creating some intentions for YOUR year - then check out the details for the free online planning party I'm running on January 13th at 9.30am below.

Here is to a intentional year...

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