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Why did you start your business in the first place?

Updated: May 31

For many people, one of the main motivations behind starting their own business is the idea of the freedom it represents.

I know for me it was more than just escaping a 9-5 and working my own hours.

For me it was 100% about freedom. It was about creating a life that gave me flexibility to

spend time with my kids when they were little, to back myself and do things my way, to be able to earn as much as I wanted to earn and have the financial freedom that I never had growing up and to provide security for me and my girls.

So, what does freedom mean to you?

Is it a number in your bank account?

Being able to retire your hubby from the job HE hates?

Being able to run your business from anywhere?

Is it being able to retire early?

Is it to spend more time with your family?

Be able to have a business that runs without you in it day to day?

I love to hearing about the WHY... especially with my clients because it can completely shift

the parameters that define our success.

Share them with me below

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