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What can we learn from other industries?

Updated: Feb 13

As you go about your weekend, think about the products and services that you choose to buy or use... what makes you feel like a valued customer, what makes you want to go back, what makes you want to refer?

I.e why do I go to my favourite coffee shop? Well not only does the coffee taste good (basic need), they stock my fave almond milk (customised service), it’s close to home and I can pre order on an app as I leave (ease and convenience), 10th coffee free rewards program (loyalty), they know my name (personal service), they are usually fast (time saving for me)..... because of this I naturally tell others about this cafe without them even asking me to (referral)

Then look at your own business/service.... how are you not only fulfilling the basic need of managing property, but how are you providing a customised service, ease and convenience of dealing with you, loyalty to make them stay, personal service to make them feel important, how are you saving their time, and are they referring to you?

What can you do, be or become to improve for your clients, based on what you experience each day?

Food (of coffee) for thought...

If you need help mapping and improving your customer experience book a discovery call to see how I can help with that.

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