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Want To Feel More Connected?

Updated: Feb 23

Have you ever found yourself thinking that you want to be more present and connected with your family and loved ones or even yourself?

Here’s the thing.. being more present isn’t about having MORE time, it isn’t about being any better at mindfulness or meditation than the next person, and it isn’t about having to cancel everything else you have on or feel you have to sacrifice something else in your life. But, it’s actually more bout how you manage your time to allow distraction free time to be present with those people – being planned and organised actually allows you to be more present!

Here are 5 ways be more planned can help you to be more present.

1. Intention – firstly you have to set the intention of what you’re trying to achieve, and specifically what that looks like for you. Being present can be a buzz word but what does that mean specifically to you? Is that having uninterrupted time with your kids each day? Is it doing something special with your partner once a week? Is it time to yourself each morning to set yourself up for the day.

2. Diary Management – actually scheduling dedicated time that you can focus on quality time with your family. Waiting for that time to come up you might be waiting for a long time

3. Distraction – when you decide to spend that quality time or you simply want to be more present, remove the distractions. Pop your phone away or on airplane mode, turn off the notifications on your phone. If you need to use your out of office or automatic Do Not Disturb SMS response on your phone to let the people trying to reach you that you’re currently not available but you’ll get back to them.

4. Self Awareness – we cant be perfect all the time, if you’re finding yourself distracted or not being as present and connected as you would like – then ask yourself – what can I do right now to be more present? Usually you’ll be able to find the answer yourself.

5. Feedback – ask those around you for feedback on what its like to be around you? And be okay with the honest feedback as a way to learn and improve. You might be surprised to learn that your kids simply want to play lego without you on your phone for half an hour. Or that your partner just wants 5 mins to chat when they get home. Whatever it is you can ask what they need from you and then you’ll know exactly how to deliver on being present and connected with those close to you.

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