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There is no failure, only learning

Updated: Feb 13

Have you heard of the concept of a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset?

A Growth Mindset believes that you can develop, improve, and cultivate your skills through effort and practice. A fixed mindset believes you are stuck where you are and there's nothing you can really do to change it.

Having a growth mindset allows you to engage deeply in the process of growth itself and refrain from viewing or labeling any experience as a “failure".

Instead, you can choose to view your decisions through a neutral lens, as learning opportunities, collecting information to figure out how you can handle things differently the next time around to obtain a different outcome.

Throughout any of my coaching programs, you will have many opportunities to learn and expand, since you’ll try doing things differently than you’ve done before with regard to business and personal growth.

Getting into the habit of asking yourself, "What can this situation teach me?" or "How can I Look at this situation differently" is an incredible way to learn more about yourself, and propel yourself forward.

One of the things that I really want to drive home throughout your journey is that there are no failures.

Each day provides you with new opportunities in the choices you make, and each choice provides you with valuable feedback that can guide your future decisions to allow you to feel your best, and move you towards your goals.

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