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The way we are working, isn't working!

Updated: Feb 12

⁠Property Management has evolved so much over the years.... ⁠

Something that was a back office function without a lot of expectation has evolved into something that has mammoth expectations, endless to do lists, unwanted conflict and is drastically effecting the balance in so many of our lives. ⁠

Property managers and their teams are under pressure:⁠

🫣 to be all things to all the people - landlords, tenants, colleagues, bosses, tradies, family, friends, communities.. ⁠

🫣 to wear many hats and go from maintenance coordinator to counsellor to legal expert to selling services in the space of an hour⁠

🫣 to manage someone's biggest investment and all the emotion that comes along with that⁠

🫣 to thrive and grow the rent roll when it barely feels there is time to have have lunch most days... ⁠

I am grateful to see behind the the curtains of many PM businesses and see that there is not even one consistent way to do it all! ⁠

Half of us have learnt just from the person before us how to do the role, or attended some training over the years if we're lucky. ⁠

And it is very RARE that anyone along the way has taught us how to manage our own stress and mindset along the way to offload the weight we carry. ⁠

This is why I am made The Zen PM - an online wellness and mindset program for property management.

So you don't feel alone, so that you are able to create a new way of working where you are better equipped to handle the workload, the stress and the demands and goals of the business. ⁠

This is designed to get back in control, overcome that feeling of overwhelm, and reclaim that balance in your life, so you have the energy, time and headspace to even think about rent roll growth and your own life goals. ⁠

I know this is going to help you and your team, if you resonate then get your registration in and join me where over 6 weeks we go deep on the 6 pillars of mental wellness and resilience you need to not only survive but THRIVE in your property management role or business. ⁠


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