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The Best Australian Property Management Podcasts of 2022

Updated: Feb 9

It’s been a hell of a time this year as a property manager! But the good news is that we’ve had some solid listening to get us through in the podcast world.

In the past we’ve mainly had sales focused podcasts but it’s so incredible to see some property management focused podcasts popping up and taking over the airwaves.

Here are the best ones we’ve found but if we’ve missed any you love, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can add them to this list!

The Property Management Podcast

The name says it all, this podcast is one of your go-to shows “for busy women in the property management industry”. From topics such as digital marketing, productivity, growing your rent roll and more - this podcast is hosted by the delightful Kylie Walker who is incredibly easy to listen to talk about all things property management. Kylie sometimes flys solo but also has on some incredible guest experts to share their experiences.

Check it out here or on your favourite podcast apps

Rent Roll Starter Podcast

If you’re looking to get your rent roll started or growing, the incredible Ellen Bathgate is here to share with you strategies for social media and rent roll growth that work especially well in the start up stage. She also has a range of incredible guests who share their stories of success and challenge. An incredible listen to inspire you.

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

The Art of Property Management with Ashleigh Goodchild

Ashleigh's main aim in life is to create happier property managers and she does this very well through her podcast. Ashleigh connects with incredible people within the property management industry, both experts and everyday heroes to support property managers to create momentum in their careers and personal life.

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

PM Excite Podcast with Terri Handy

Terri hosts this incredible thorough and grounded approach to property management discussing all things growth, managing a team, marketing tips, systems & processes - in fact, anything to do with property management. It's all about finding solutions and providing support for the industry - you’ll wish you had a Terri in your office.

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

Those Real Estate Chicks

Couldn’t let this one slip through, whilst Courtney and Hermione cover all things real estate the conversation weighs heavily onto the property management side of the industry (being as the girls both have extensive property management backgrounds). Courtney and Hermione love to have a chat and unpack curly topics within the industry and always try to bring some fresh vibes and fun to support the real estate industry!

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

Some other mentions are needed to these popular real estate podcasts who have definitely been supporting more property management focused content this year including:

Real Estate Business

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

Elite Agent’s Elevate Podcast

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

We’re excited to see what’s next in the property management space for podcasts in the year ahead, be sure to let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed any of your favourites so we can add them to this list.

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