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Business Growth is Not Linear

Updated: Feb 13

Business Growth is not linear.

I think this is one of the hardest pills to swallow when running and growing a business.

It is not one of those perfect upward trending graphs that keep growing by default.

It is much more up and down, side to side and generally and messy.

Despite our best efforts, time and energy does not always equal growth.

Often we can be pushing hard but not seeing the direct rewards,

Different challenges, obstacles and external factors will throw us off course.

And sometimes it’s just reflective of the phase of business or life that we are in.

Sometimes we have to take the pedal off to look after ourselves or family.

Sometimes we feel delayed having to deal with a staff change or a bit of time working on the processes and systems.

Sometimes it’s home schooling, juggling kids and business and never ending washing.

Whatever it is it can feel like you’re falling behind or going backwards.

But the good thing about non linear growth is that provided we have the right vision, the right support and trust in the process, we will keep moving in the right direction over time.

It just might not look as we had expected it.

So if it look messy or feels out of control.

If it feels like everyone has their shit together and wondering why you don’t.

Or it if feels like you’re always scrambling for that elusive work/life balance.

Try on letting go how you think it was supposed to look, and practice accepting the reality of growth with all its ups and downs.

And realise that everyone is going through the same despite what it looks like when seeing others success.

It helps to alleviate much of that stress and pressure.

Or maybe just do what I did today, instead of spending my Sunday working and stressing about a thousand things I needed to get done and felt behind in, I took a long glorious nap in the sun.

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