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Breaking Point

Updated: Feb 13

I remember years ago as a property manager feeling frustrated and stressed with my workload. I was at breaking point.

It felt relentless as landlords and tenants chased me for updates and info and I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the basics let alone get back to people on time.

I was nervous that things were getting missed and forgotten. As organised as I tried to be it felt like the wheels were falling off and I knew I would forget something soon (if I hadn’t already).

I remember wondering if I was even cut out for the job, it was way too hard and demanding and I felt so under appreciated. I was the the meat in a property management sandwich - smooshed in between tenants, landlords, contractors, the business, legislation and time.

My portfolio was stagnant as I had no time for growth and the clients I was bringing on was only replacing what the sales team was selling out from underneath me. I just had no time.

I remember thinking that there had to be a better and easier way to operate but I didn’t even have time to to figure that out. Stuck using dated systems and checklists what else could I do?

Well luckily instead of giving up, one evening I somehow chose not to go home and drown my sorrows in yet another glass or two of wine (okay a bottle) and I stayed back with my property management bestie, we ordered take away and we pulled out all the checklists and processes we currently had in place.

On the first evening I spent hours going over our leasing checklist and process, looking at what could be improved and even seeing what no longer needed to be actioned manually.

I looked at what communication could be templated and automated to improve relationships with clients and save time.

What steps needed to be added to ensure nothing was missed and no mistakes were made to relieve my stress

What could be changed from the way we’d always done it to a faster and easier way of doing it freeing up my day to actually focus on growth.

Over the next weeks of testing it, I was amazed, it actually worked! Those hours I’d put aside to work ON the business started to save me time, it enhanced my communication and relationships and I felt less stressed knowing nothing could be missed.

And so I continued to take time out to work on these processes and systems each week, continually improving and evolving and you know, a funny thing happened - my portfolio started to grow. I was growing organically without even proactively trying. This was even before embracing new tech. When I added that in things really took off.

Because my clients were happier than they’d been before. And I was less stressed doing a pretty hard and all consuming job. Perhaps even enjoying it dare I say...

Fast forward all these years later and this has become my passion. I get to help many property managers and business just like you with their systems and processes each day and help you fast track through the struggles and challenges and time it took me - all with the wisdom I’ve gained over the years. And the insights I get daily form speaking to businesses all around the country.

I get to help you improve your processes and streamline your systems with that all important customer focus that helps you to effortlessly grow, and even give you back time to live your life while you run and grow your portfolio - maybe even enjoy it!

I get to help you not have to spend hours staying up til midnight on many occasions like I did adapting and refining the processes. Because I give you a shortcut to get it done with ease and support along the way.

Through a unique approach of coaching, consulting and tech my clients are able to get the instant wins that took me so long to figure out, receive the stress and get time back in their day.

So how can I help you and your business?

Book in your free no obligation discovery call today - click here 

Let's talk about where you are at and where you want to be.

I cant wait to help you.

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