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Are you avoiding doing the thing?

Updated: Feb 29

This morning when I was supposed to go to the gym I said to myself:

I don’t feel like it……

I don’t have time…

There are other things I could do instead…

I haven’t been all week…. So what’s the point?

(No, don’t worry this isn’t about to become another fitspo account… you guys don’t wanna see that from me haha. )

But I wanted to share a little note on shifting mindset from an all or nothing approach, to remembering that even a little bit is better than nothing at all.

This can apply in many areas of life where we have something that needs to be done consistently to achieve a result or goal. But that often feels hard or you feel unmotivated to do.

Quite often with the gym I feel like okay so I need to go 4 or 5 times a week to get results and if I get to Thursday and haven’t been yet I almost take an “oh well, no point going now I’ve stuffed up the week”. I can take a real ALL or NOTHING approach which really won’t get me anywhere closer towards my goals or targets (let alone feeling crap for not achieving anything)

This can also happen in other areas of business such as having goals of doing 7 social media posts a week, making 100 prospecting calls, doing 20 nurture calls to landlords, working on a larger project (scanning files or some sort of data tidy up)

Now I can sit here and say, schedule it in your diary! Make time for it! Prioritise it! But I know too well that the crazy busy weeks often mean we leave some of this stuff to the side. But often these avoided things are still important to get done in the bigger picture of growing our business, but just perhaps not urgent hence falling to the wayside.

But what if we just made a little bit of progress towards them, would that be better than not doing anything at all?

Consider, is it better to go to the gym once a week rather than none…? 2 social media post a week vs none…? 10 prospecting calls for the week vs none…? 4 calls to landlords for the week vs none..?

Even if you just did one small thing towards that goal or target, by the end of the year you’d still have gone to the gym 52 times, done 104 social media posts, 520 prospecting calls and 208 landlord nurture calls… Not to mention the feeling of satisfaction of doing the thing.

So, next time you’re getting ready to write off your plans, especially if you are short on time, consider if I can’t do it all, what is one small thing I could do. And even aim to do that one small thing consistently and you may just find once you start… you’ll end up doing more anyway… as the saying goes… How do you eat an elephant? ………..One bite at a time.

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