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Moving from a Property Manager Mindset to an Entrepreneur Mindset

Could this one thing be holding you back from growing your property management business?

If you've started your own property management business, there’s a fairly good chance you used to be a property manager and went into business with the mindset of a freelance property manager...

And for a lot of the clients I work with, despite having grown to 100, 150, 200+ managements and wanting to grow, they’re still operating under the mindset of a freelance property manager first.

They’re thinking about how to deliver the service, how to make sure the client is happy, how to get it all done themselves.

And they’re very good at that side of things. But there’s a shift, as we move to grow and scale our business we have to move into an entrepreneurial mindset, and develop the skills and approach of a business owner.

An entrepreneur thinks about leveraging their time, they think about value, they think about scale, they think about team, they think about how they can build systems and invest in people.

It’s an entirely different mindset from a property manager who is just thinking about doing the work themselves.

In a nutshell, the property manager thinks about the function, while the entrepreneur thinks about freedom…

And when that mindset shift is able to be made, the next level of business is really able to begin.

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