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Leadership “The culture of any organisation is shaped by the worst behaviour the leader is willing to tolerate."

Ready for a truth bomb?💣

I read a quote from a book called School Culture Rewired which said" The culture of any organisation is shaped by the worst behaviour the leader is willing to tolerate. " Shocking to hear but sadly a reality.

Ever wondered why some companies thrive with a vibrant culture, while others struggle with a disengaged or even toxic workplace?"

Your culture is more than values written on a wall, it's more than the words repeated at team meetings.

It's how you show up as a leader, it's how you do things each day, it's how you handle change, tough conversations and adversity - which filters down to the way everyone does everything. 99% of the time I can time cultural problems in any business back to it's leadership standards (or lack thereof)...

But even more than that, culture means the behaviours and standards that you accept and tolerate from yourself and your team each day.

To start this means bringing awareness to the current state of your culture and noticing where your own, and your teams behaviour does not meet the values and standards you desire.

And with that awareness starting to mindfully shape and prune any behaviour (from yourself and your team) that doesn't align with the type of business you are trying to create.

Sometimes that means calling out undesired behaviours, having the tough conversations, setting clear expectations and being clear to be kind. So that your team knows the minimum standards of performance and behaviour and understand the boundaries to play within.

And as a leader always consistently demonstrate each day the behaviours you want to see from your team.

You don’t just allow culture to happen, you create it.

So what behaviour are you willing to tolerate?

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