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How To Stay Organised and Focused Each Day

PSSST... Want a little secret to how I stay organised and focused each day?

It’s this:

Scheduled Planning.

That is, each morning BEFORE starting to work in my inbox, before starting to work on tasks I do two main things which are diarised in my calendar as planning time.

One - review my diary for the day and week ahead to see what’s on, ensure that not only the work and business related items are in there, but also ensuring that my own personal care is locked in (i.e. gym, walks, meditate), and that there is time put aside to work ON the business or projects (i.e. blocking time for socials or creating a masterclass).

And two, combine a brain dump everything I know needs to get done as well as categorising items in my inbox onto a to do list that is then prioritised from HIGH to LOW. I use Asana but you can use whatever method works for you if you’re more analogue. Its important not to be tempted to start to ACTION while you’re in the inbox at this stage but simply review at a high level prioritise what the urgency is to complete that day. You can use flags, categories or physically add the items to your to do list. I even forward items from my inbox into my asana so I can easily prioritise. I then allow myself a short period to respond to inbox items and then only periodically check it throughout the day. If you don’t run your inbox it will run you!

So if YOU are struggling to stay on track each day and are feeling pulled in every which way and direction but really know you need to make some changes, I’d recommend testing this out for yourself.

Do you have any other strategies to stay focused and organised that works for you? Let me know in the comments.

And if you’re thinking you might need support to adopt my own little secret plan into your life, or overcome other challenges or frustrations, you can book in for a Strategic Coaching Session. Link in Bio or DM me.

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