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Growing your rent roll, your way.

Updated: Feb 29

The interesting thing I’ve learnt about success is that success looks different for each individual person and each individual business.

Sometimes we may see another businesses success and think that is what we should be aiming for, or see someone stand on a stage or see their social media and think that we should be doing exactly what they are doing to achieve our own success.

Sure there are things to be learnt and shortcuts from learning from others, I’m all for they! However more often than not we don’t know the WHY of that person or business in what they are trying to achieve for themselves, and work out if that strategy is aligned with our own vision and what WE want out of our own lives and our own businesses.

One business owner may want to build and structure their business so that they get get to a certain income level so they don’t have to work as much.

Where as another business owner maybe trying to build up as many managements as they can to be able to sell their asset/business in five years time.

And another may want to have their rent roll purely just as a “farm” to sell properties from and don’t care about profit along the way.

All are valid business models. All are valid goals to work towards. But the decisions and strategies used along the way would likely be aligned to the outcome each one is trying to achieve.

So when you’re thinking of the decisions and strategies to implement in your own business, ask yourself if this helps me get closer or further away from the way I want to live and the goals I have for myself. And start to weigh up all decisions and plans in this way.

Not just doing something because what you’ve seen someone else doing it. Run your own race and build a business that lets you live life in the way you want to live it.

And if you need help with working out your direction, goals or strategies to get you there, I can help with that.

Click here to have a FREE 30 minutes discovery call with me.

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