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Do you offer time management training?

Updated: Feb 12

I'm often asked if I run time management training (which yes, technically I do, but it's often not exactly what you would expect)..

In all my experience is really what it boils down to for most of us in creating success and happiness in and outside the office is not the management of time as such, but the management of self.

So whenever I am creating any training (or supporting anyone through my coaching that says they want to improve their time management), the first question I ask is specifically is "What" what specifically do you want to improve about your time management? and "Why"... why do you want to improve your time management?

And generally it comes down to that person or business wanting to feel less stressed, reduce burnout, to feel calmer, to feel more in control, to get more done, be more present - even to have more freedom.

Our success and performance is more wholistic than just how spend and fill all of our minutes, beyond having some good time management practices in place, our happiness and satisfaction is going to come from our daily energy, mindset, resilience and purpose.

And these are some of the core pillars that I bring into my training and coaching that help and support people to feel more calm, less stressed and more in control of their time. We learn about daily rituals, self reflection, habits, goals and energy management.

If you want to chat about how ME Management training or coaching could benefit you or your business, just reach out and send me a message.

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