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Do you need to Halt the Hustle?

Updated: Feb 13

Do you feel you’re constantly hustling but constantly stressed and not getting where you want to be?

We are told that in order to be successful we need to hustle. To rise and grind.

But do you know what? In all honestly I find the hustle utterly exhausting. It feels hard and tiring and like an uphill battle. Especially with kids in the mix to handle when I’m not working. Or when I am trying to juggle both.

However what I’m recently learning is that there is more than just hustling that contributes to our success. How we organise and plan our time to ensure that we are spending our hustling time in the right things is very important. And also that the sleep, the rest, mindset work, time with loved ones and health are all just as important as the hustle (if not more)?

For me I always find that to switch off and appreciate downtime is very hard for me to do. I always feel that there is something I SHOULD be doing. Something that is more worthwhile and productive than just being present. And sometimes I’m trying to do both at once and then simply feeling like I’m failing.

But what I’ve found is that when I do take that downtime for myself and my family, switch off or “switch modes”, it not only helps my mindset and health.. it helps me “hustle” better when I do sit down to smash out some work. I feel more recharged and more aware of what the meaning of doing all this is for.

Because what are we doing this all for if we are to hustle our way through life to get enough money and build enough wealth to retire but we miss this life that’s in front of us now.

So what if there was a way to hold the hustle but still be successful? Well I know that there is. There are smart ways to do business that can save you time energy and money. And there are smart ways to grow your business where you can actually attract your clients to you like a magnet instead of going out trying to struggle to catch them.

Stay tuned as I’m going to share some of these tips and strategies. And if you resonate with this and want to be successful and less stressed without so much of the hustle and grind, then send me a message and let’s see how I can help.

Click here to have a FREE 30 minutes discovery call with me.

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