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Can you flow while you grow?

Updated: Feb 29


Are you currently forcing your way through business and life?

Or are you flowing through the days, enjoying the process along the way?

Is it actually possible to show up powerful, present, calm and focused and still grow your business?

When the word flow comes to mind – I used to think I needed to do yoga, drink green smoothies and never have a negative thought cross my mind. Although there is no harm in any of those things…

However, what I am learning is that flow CAN enter my business space. If I consciously nurture and allow it. And more than that, it allows me to be happier along my path of business growth.

So much of the advice in this industry is PUSH, HUSTLE and stop at nothing to GROW. You almost feel like you’re failing if you’re not in this mode. Despite my best efforts I slip back into this often, we all do. Especially this week being a short week and next, I felt a lot of pressure to get so much done.

But what I have realised is that this space, this space of FORCE, feels hard. When I am in a place of force it feels overwhelming, rigid, and there are never enough hours in the day.

It feels I’ve taken on too much, I’m over committing, I’m over delivering, saying yes to too much, and being hyper-available.

What this means for me is that I am saying no to myself, I am not fitting the things into my life that fill my cup: health, fitness, family, friends, downtime, music, laughter…. It leaves me feeling RESENTFUL of the business that I’ve been working hard to build. And definitely not able to sustain that growth strategy long term.

What I have realised for myself is to NOTICE when I am feeling that way and stop and take an account of things without judgement. What space am I in? What do I truly need the most right now?

Is it time to myself to fill my cup, or time out to work on the business - to stop, plan, delegate, get help and advice, talk about it, meditate or whatever I need most to be able to move through it and get myself back to a positive relaxed and organised state.

And then I can show up with a full cup, with boundaries in place, with a plan and feel ready to start the next day, week or month in a space of FLOW.

Flow is those are the days where you feel on top of your game, you’re on fire in a good way - when you feel lucky to have amazing clients, when you feel organised and in control – powerful, calm and present in your work.

And you actually feel GRATEFUL for your work and business. Because you’re not just in service of your business or your clients, you’re in service of yourself.

And the funny thing is that you can still GROW from this place - in fact you will find that you can grow even more as its sustainable and enjoyable long term - you don't have to be in a state of forcing it constantly. Awareness is the first key to making change.

And if you need help with that to work out how to get there, I have a couple of spaces left for one on one Business Breakthrough Coaching Sessions this month, reach out and lets help you get to a better place.

Click here to have a FREE 30 minutes discovery call with me.

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