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Are your boundaries being crossed?

Updated: Mar 12

Knowing how to set boundaries is one of the most essential yet overlooked social skills, it’s not one that a lot of us are taught growing up - and this leaves a lot of us as chronic people pleasers (hello my people pleasing friends!)

Healthy boundaries are the limits you place around your time, emotions, body, and mental health to stay resilient, solid, and content with who you are. These empowering borders protect you from being used, drained, or manipulated by others.

Though they aren’t as blatantly clear as a fence, wall, or “no trespassing” sign, but healthy boundaries communicate to others what you will and will not tolerate (without feeling like you’re being rude about it). In short, boundaries empower you to know what you stand for and take charge of your life.

Without them, people can quickly lose themselves in their work, relationships, familial obligations, or service to others and can often end up being taken advantage of….

Setting boundaries help define what you are willing to say “yes” to and what you decide to say “no” to. They give you a sense of agency over your decisions.

Quite often when we actually listen to our gut feeling, our body will tell us what that yes or no is, or when a boundary has been crossed - but the trouble is we don’t often listen to that and we tend to push it aside and dismiss it

But if we listen then we might just be able to gain more confidence in knowing whats important to us - to understand for ourselves ells you when you have the time or energy to devote to something versus when you need to say “no.”

So, a couple of questions for you to ponder today…

“What is something that you're not saying no to…”

“What is one small step I can take to start saying no to that thing…”

And on the flip side we need to also have boundaries to ensure the things that bring us joy in our lives are being prioritised, or again - we end up feeling resentful and burn out…. So:

“What is something that you’re not saying yes to…”

“What is one small step I can take to start saying yes to that thing”

I’d love to hear what resonates with you and hope this brings some awareness to the importance of boundaries in your life.

P.S If you need customised help unpacking your own boundaries and challenges as you build your business, book a free call and let's chat about business and personal development coaching options to take you to the next level

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