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Are you nurturing the parts of life you want to improve?

Updated: Feb 12

So I was sitting in the sun my front garden this morning as I drank my morning coffee (something I have started doing after the kindy run to pause and ponder before diving into the day).

I consider myself generally quite a positive person however I found myself staring at the weeds in the grass thinking to myself UGH, this front garden grass is horrible as it’s full of weeds!

I then proceeded to look at my very neglected veggie patch (which is also in the front garden) and found myself thinking UGH, nothing is even growing in there, its just some old mismatched herbs and looks like a mess.

Now, I do recognise I was already in a bit of a funk after dropping the kids off which didn’t help the perspective but then the thing that happened next was quite remarkable.

I popped in my headphones in to do the Daily Calm (which is a quick 10 minute daily mediation on the CALM app). Each day they share a key lesson in the mediation - today's was ironically about life being like a garden that you need to nurture - and that we must realise that where you focus attention and energy is where you will see change.

I quickly realised it was no surprise I was not seeing any change in my garden as I had been paying zero attention to NURTURING my front garden, hence it being packed with weeds and nothing new growing... and here I was being critical and down about something I'd been giving no attention to changing.

This triggered me into me looking into looking at areas of my life where I felt I wasn’t as happy as I could be and I noticed that they were generally areas not getting much of my energy and attention.

So I went back to a tool I’ve used many times before - The Burnout to Balance Life Audit where I ran a quick process to look at what areas of my life needed attention, look at what wasn’t working and needed weeding out, check in with what is on track and see what seeds need to be planted to create some change. Now I know what steps I need to take in my life (and garden) to create change.

And so I want to share this tool with you so you can take a moment to look at how you are feeling in your life and work out some easy steps in the right direction to having a beautiful flourishing life!

Download your free tool below, and take a moment to work through the process. I guarantee it will create some shifts for you and I’ld love to hear what you realise for yourself!

In the meantime I’m off to pull out some weeds...

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