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5 Tips to Manage Teams Remotely

Updated: Feb 29

A client this week asked for some tips on managing teams remotely during this lockdown time, here are some of the tips I shared.

Would love to hear your tips and how your teams are keeping it together and fun? Please share in the comments.

1. Morning Virtual Huddle

Get the team together for a quick 5-10 min chat on zoom first thing in the morning to do a quick plan for the day. This isn’t a long meeting just a check-in to see how everyones going, ensure everyone knows what they’re working on, plan for the day ahead. You could do another one mid way through the day and another at the end if you like.

2. Don’t Rely Just on Emails

Consider to have some kind of live chat option – don’t rely on just emails - do you have a workplace chat system you can utilise? Something that you can have open all day so people can reach out to ask quick questions or share some wins and lols. It can help to alleviate any loneliness some may feel.

3. Working Jam Sessions

If there are things you need to work on together, you could get on zoom to do work alongside each other in smaller groups or as a whole group. You can keep zoom on in the background and chat through what you’re working on and share screens.

4. End of Day Check In

To end the day you could do another zoom huddle function, or you could do an individual call to each person to have a one on one check in to not only chat about how the day went, but also check on how they’re going working from home as a mental health check. Or you could ask them to send you a daily wrap by email… which would give an outline of what they’ve been working on throughout the day

5. Stay Empathetic

Not everyone is cut out for working from home (and there are many more distractions at home) so for some it might be challenging. So try to stay empathetic and supportive even if people don’t seem to be getting it right at first. It might feel worrying to think is everyone doing what they’re supposed to do, but hopefully some of the check in strategies will ensure the balance of everyone feeling supported but still managed and guided by you.

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